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Passing of a Cleveland Opera symbol – Soprano Andrea Anelli

We are very sorry to educate yourself on of passing of Passing Cleveland Opera symbol Andrea Anelli. She passed peacefully from a lasting disease in her Chardon home the early morning of 1/1/22.

Gregory Polyak, VP of Northern Kansas Opera group (NOOL) said « Soprano Andrea Anelli got the president and co-director of three different opera firms: Opera a Tutti (2006), rebranded as Cleveland Opera movie theater (2014), and ContempOpera/Cleveland (2016). Each opera business had a unique goals and market to meet. And satisfy Andrea performed with every organization.

She just produced, auditioned, selected music, outfits, sets, guided, produced, discover locations to execute in, and raised funds she performed in most with the productions. Im fatigued planning on all she performed. Thriving in each endeavor renders the woman a Cleveland legend.

More today state the woman Cleveland Opera theatre was the finest level and the majority of diverse in NE Kansas. She got all of them from a « founder-driven » to a « board-driven » organization for development. « we never imagined it could being exactly what it performed, » Anelli mentioned. « they up to now surpassed my objectives. It’s been very a journey. »

We very first spotted Andrea do at Opera inside Italian societal yard. She along with her Opera a Tutti (Opera for All) performed around for several years.

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You can view Andrea sing in most Italian landscaping Opera activities as well as other spots within our YouTube video. Simply search for andrea anelli dan hanson youtube

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